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Peace of mind

We know how important your data is to you and we'd like to help you manage and maintain it. IT4Life has plenty of experience at developing sophisticated databases which communicate effectively with websites or third party software.

By custom building your database software it allows us to do pretty much whatever you want with the data. It can be as simple as linking it in to a previous version of the database or requiring some highly customisable secure web synchronisation.

Years of experience supplying maintenance for many different types of businesses and their database systems has given us a seamless support system. Automatic updates are downloaded and installed on demand, with easy backups and restoration of all data. Error reports prompt a 'Notify IT4Life' screen so we can see any problems straight away, find a solution and roll-out the automatic update via the Internet.

Online Databases

Do you need to put some aspects of your database online, or all of it?
No problem, whether your looking to collect some info from visitors or need an interactive cross platform system that ties in with an in-house software, we can help. We have plenty of experience in a wide variety of database integration, website synchronisation and can help get your system working to your requirements.

Advanced Features

Need something extra complicated?
If you need some advanced reporting, calculations, logging, file creation, mapping, cross platform, or some other features and want to have a chat, no worries, drop us an email or give us a call and we'll happily run over any options available.

Copy & Paste Drudgery

Too much copying and pasting?
We can help you free up staff time by automating many routine tasks, cutting down on human error and allowing your staff to concentrate their skills elsewhere. Helping automate many features or tasks such as enquiries, newsletters, updateable websites, reports, ordering, planning, calculations... the list is endless.

WG Logo
  • Custom Database
  • 'On the Fly' Design allowing for regular add-ons and changes
  • Extensive Customisable Reporting Systems
  • Automated Procedures
  • Many Data and Reports exportable in MS Word, Excel & PDF formats for convenient processing or analysis.
  • Compliant to GSI network security restrictions.
  • Database Maintenance and Support
  • Online web order processing website.

Welsh Government

Printer Framework Database

If you think your system/needs are complex, we doubt they'd be as restrictive as creating integrated databases on the Governments network.

In 2009 we undertook the general maintenance and adaptation of the Welsh Governments Printer Framework Database and we've been working with them since. The system logs the vast majority of all print requirements within the government in Wales, including the job details, requirements, authorisation, quotations, and evaluates the performance for general efficiencies with comprehensive statistics.

We have updated the database system to a newer version in 2011, and now operate an ongoing development and support for the database, which links into several other WG servers, WG database systems, third party web portals and also has its own secure website data collection point.

"IT4Life have proven to be innovative in developing our database and very responsive in maintaining it for the last 6 years" Senior Buyer Welsh Government